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A personalised facility owned and under the personal supervision of
Beth Babbin.A.Dip.CBM(CL) UK

Advanced Diploma Canine Behavioural Management (with honours) Compass UK

Interest in dogs goes back to 1961 when while still living in Germany obtained her first German shepherd.
Moved to Kenya in 1967 and continued working with German shepherds whilst living there.
In 1974 moved to SA bringing her GSD with her and has subsequently owned, bred, trained and showed this breed to the highest level.
As early as 1978 she started taking her dogs to visit the aged and infirm – this being long before the concept of therapy dogs was mooted.
In the early 1980’s she obtained her first Belgian shepherd – a Groenendael bitch and produced her first litter of the breed in 1985 under the Elnoir kennel name.
With her interest in Belgian shepherds she was now focussed on this breed.
Together with her Belgian shepherd (Terveuren) Boris, she was invited to be a member of the civilian team to participate in the South African Working Dogs Invitation Stakes (SAWDIS) and achieved Silver and Gold medals and was placed over 14 other teams in defence work. Achieved TDIII (tracker dog grade 3) in working trials.
In 1982 she was appointed a carting judge.
She acquired a Border collie that she successfully campaigned in all disciplines at the highest level – breed, obedience, jumping, carting, IPO (Internazionale Prüfungs Ordnung), and Schutzhund. Also in working trials – achieving TDIII.  The first Border collie to qualify the KUSA CGC and achieved the highest score in Aptitude testing.

During 2012 she lost her top dog, Esprit, a Groenendael as well as a Terveuren. She now has 3 Groenendal, 3 Terveuren, 1 German Shepard,  and 1 Border Collie. Most have achieved numerous KUSA CGC certificates as well as two WODAC Silver and one Gold.