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A personalised facility owned and under the personal supervision of
Beth Babbin.A.Dip.CBM(CL) UK

Advanced Diploma Canine Behavioural Management (with honours) Compass UK

Our Credo
The positive results achieved by this facility and the development of its Edudog® programme can only be ascribed to its sound foundation over 40 years ago.

Gaining as much knowledge as possible, working with experts, both locally and overseas, continuing to enhance the understanding that covers a broad spectrum of fields and disciplines in the world of dogs.

Personal experience, knowledge and understanding, coupled to a positive and progressive approach, have lead to success and served as the ideal base for the development of the facility.

Today the Wetnose Canine Training® facility remains a leader in the field and continues with the programme of education and the evaluation of new methods, concepts and ideas that affect both training and animal behaviour.

It is proud of its team of dedicated people, who are highly regarded and have themselves achieved at the highest levels in many of the acknowledged disciplines.

The continued building of better human/canine relationships and understanding remains a priority.

The future of the Wetnose Canine Training® facility will continue to develop and build on the success of the past and the present.

The quest for knowledge will be ongoing. Medical science and research into animal behaviour will be followed closely – as will be done with trends in training methods.

The art of teaching people to understand –how to work with their dogs’ natural ability – to appreciate their capabilities and thereby achieve positive results will remain a priority.