Make a wise investment in the future of your dog.

A personalised facility owned and under the personal supervision of
Beth Babbin.A.Dip.CBM(CL) UK

Advanced Diploma Canine Behavioural Management (with honours) Compass UK

Who do we train?
As no two people are alike so is this the case with every dog, even those of the same breed are all different, and based on this the team treats each and every dog as an individual whilst encouraging the owner – dog combination to achieve their true potential.

The importance of getting the basics right must never be overlooked whether this is for the show ring, agility or obedience of any form and this includes the companion dog at home.

All breeds are trainable to a greater or lesser degree but cognisance must be taken of the inherent differences in each breed – some dogs can do some things better than others.

Small dogs, Dachshunds, Jack Russells, Yorkshire Terriers and the like are more often than not overlooked when it comes to training but in most cases provide their owners with the greatest pleasure when they have been through a training process and are well behaved and doing all those things that are expected only of big dogs.